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SOA Lookup

Test and ensure the availability of your DNS SOA records using Site24x7's free tool.

What is an SOA Record?

Start of Authority(SOA) records store the information related to DNS servers like the administrator of the DNS zone, the version of the files, the number of seconds a secondary name server should wait before retrying a failed zone transfer, and the maximum number of seconds that a secondary name server can use the data before it expires.

What is the importance of an SOA Record?

DNS zone transfers are carried out to duplicate DNS data in multiple DNS servers. During a zone transfer, DNS records will be transferred from a primary server to a secondary server, and the SOA record will be the first one to be sent. This record will be used by the secondary server to determine whether the version is up-to-date. Also, an SOA record is necessary to stick to the IETF standards.

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