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DKIM Validator

Enhance email security and prevent phishing with this DKIM Validator tool. Enter the selector value and the domain name to retrieve a public key and authenticate the message's validity.

About DKIM Validator

DKIM Validator is a critical component of email security that ensures the authenticity and integrity of email messages. It confirms digital signatures associated with the sending domain, protecting against phishing, spoofing, and unauthorized email tampering.

How to find DKIM Selector?

A DKIM selector is part of the DKIM record and it's purpose is to allow the publishing of multiple DKIM keys on any domain. To find a DKIM selector please follow the steps given below:

  • Send an email to yourself from the source whose DKIM selector you wish to find.
  • When you open the email, view the raw message content of the mail. This option will allow you to view a lot of information including the DKIM authentication results. E.g. If you are using gmail, select the "show original" option of the email to view the raw message, or if you are using Yahoo, you can see this option under "View raw message".
  • Search for "DKIM-Signature" to view the applied signature of the email. Here take the value given next to "s=". This is the selector used.

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