Website Performance Analysis

A slow-loading webpage can be detrimental to your revenue and your business potential. A website performance monitoring tool helps assess the performance and speed of a webpage in real time, analyze the webpage components that are affecting the performance, and fine-tune the overall loading speed. Use Site24x7's web page speed (Browser) monitoring to run website performance analysis from more than 120 global locations, obtain in-depth metrics, detect the components that are slowing down the load time, or other performance issues, and achieve a fast-loading page.

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Web page analysis using a real browser

Render your website using a real browser (Firefox) in real-time. Find and troubleshoot website components that affect customer's end-user experience.

website performance analysis

Analyze and optimize your webpages with PageSpeed Insights

Analyze all components of the web page including CSS, images, links loaded from third party websites and AJAX requests. Verify website content accuracy, and detect errors instantly. Accelerate your web page by making use of the PageSpeed score and PageSpeed suggestions.

web page analysis

Track response time of individual components

Keep track of the DNS time, connection time, first byte time, last byte time, and the page load time and identify the stage at which the delay occurs.

website speed monitor

Drill deep using CDN reports

Obtain granular details on the performance of your CDNs including the response time, the number of misses and hits, their percentage, and other metrics.

website load speed monitoring

Stay updated on the performance of your core web vitals

View details related to web vitals like FCP, LCP, and CLS, and use the data to offer a better user experience.

page speed monitoring

Global website speed monitoring with instant alerting

Track website availability and performance from more than 110 locations globally. Get in-depth insight into how your websites behave when accessed from multiple locations. Receive instant notifications via Email, SMS, Voice, IM, and Push Notifications in case of an outage or content breach. Address issues before end users are affected.

website speed monitoring tool

Get customized page speed monitoring reports

Capture critical statistics with exhaustive reports to keep track of metrics that matter the most. The various reports that are generated are:

  • Availability summary report.
  • Busy hours report.
  • Health trend report.
  • Performance report.
website performance analysis tool

Global Apdex benchmarking

Measure end-user satisfaction with Apdex Scores. Get visibility into region wise customer satisfaction level and identify performance bottlenecks in a specific region.

monitor website speed

Get your websites checked from over 120 locations and receive alerts in case of downtime with website monitoring.

Analyze your web page's speed and go beyond uptime.

Website speed performance monitoring overview

1.What is website performance all about?

Website performance measures how fast the pages on a website load and render on the browser. The performance of a website is directly proportional to the user experience and the impacts on business.

A slow-loading page can hamper the user experience, thereby compelling page visitors to leave the page, as well as have far-fetched impacts like loss of revenue, or tarnished brand reputation.

Page slowness can be caused by multiple factors like JavaScript issues, images that aren't optimized, code-related problems, a high number of HTTP requests, hosting issues, a large number of advertisements, or a lack of a CDN server.

A website’s performance depends on a few factors, and is based on the fluctuations in these factors, so the performance also may vary. These factors can be tracked using the metrics obtained with the help of a website performance analysis tool. The metrics will provide valuable insights on the current performance and hints on the aspects to be focussed. With a breakdown of the important performance metrics, you can drill deep and trace out the elements that are causing the issues.