Site24x7 - Security

Site24x7 is a service by Zoho Corporation. Our software is managed and hosted on the same data centers that deliver other Zoho and ManageEngine services and are subject to the same security controls and compliance coverage. An overview of our approach to security and compliance certifications are listed below. Click the section for more detail on specific areas.

Bug Bounty

Help us protect user privacy and improve security. If you are a security researcher or an ethical hacker and if you believe you have discovered a vulnerability, please report it to our bug bounty program.

How can I file a report
  • Sign up for the bug bounty program.
  • In the bugbounty console, choose "Submit bug". For department choose "Zoho" and select "Site24x7" as the service name.
  • Fill out the rest of the form with details on the vulnerability, including CVSS, steps to reproduce, and POC.

If this a valid vulnerability report, it may be applicable for a reward as per our guidelines.