IT Automation for Today's Complex Infrastructure

Automatically orchestrate incident remediation across servers, EC2 instances and virtual machines running on your hybrid IT environment.

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Make your IT more agile and efficient by automatically responding to alerts.

Reactive to Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential problems by creating an automation profile in advance to act on a known response triggered from your infrastructure, a response that occurs as part of your application logic.

Say No to Escalation

Combine our infrastructure and workload monitoring capabilities with our IT Automation framework to let your Ops team automatically handle and resolve event alerts in seconds without any manual intervention.

Fail-safe Actions

Set up fail safes by mapping multiple automation profiles with different triggers and combining them with our alerting strategies. For example, you can set up a workflow to reboot your entire system when service restart fails

How it Works?

Monitor your server workloads and orchestrate automatic actions to remediate alerts, incidents, and events.

How our IT Automation works?

Site24x7 provides a centralized set of capabilities to automate repetitive tasks and remediate threshold breaches. Our Alarms engine dynamically evaluates system events and metric data corresponding to thresholds and alert strategies and automatically executes the mapped action in the event of a violation. Also, notifications via multiple channels get sent out.

Execution of actions is simple, secure, and scalable

Hybrid Cross Platform

Our Automation framework works equally well on server instances running on your on-premises infrastructure and on the cloud. Execute corrective actions on multiple heterogeneous systems including Windows, Linux, Hyper-V, VMware and Amazon Web Services.


Designed to scale to the cloud, you can administer repetitive tasks on server instances, no matter how many there are. Create an action profile and map it to tens or hundreds of server instances.

Ease of Use

Eliminate the need to perform Secure Shell (SSH) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in each node to run the same scripts again and again. Create an action profile and associate it to the server instance that need to be managed.

Audit Trail

Our IT Automation logs provide a chronological view of all the actions executed on your servers and VMs. Get answers to questions such as, What was the action? When was it performed? What was its status? What was the outcome? Which server was it executed? For easy audit.

Easy to Write Scripts

Site24x7 provides support for multiple scripting languages, including Ruby, Python, Python 3, and Shell scripts for Linux workloads and VB Scripts, PowerShell, and Bash Scripts for Windows workloads, so you can write scripts in the languages you are familiar with.

Multiple Triggers

The Automation profile can be mapped to a predefined alert event type (i.e. Down/Trouble), a custom alert event type (i.e. process CPU utilization greater than 90 percent), or both. The trigger here will determine when and under what circumstances the action gets executed.

Speed up productivity with event-driven IT automation

Decrease downtime, automatically take corrective actions to improve Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR).

1. Invoke a RESTful service

Automate workflows across Site24x7 and the apps you use with our Webhook option. Send an HTTP POST message to any URL with the default incident parameters, or customize the payload.

Workflow diagram to invoke webhooks for infrastructure and website alerts
2. Server scripts

Build sequential action workflows with conditional logic using our custom server script option. Here you can write conditional tasks as a sequence of workflows and make them execute one after the other to automate complex system processes.

Workflow diagram to automate Log rotation on your server instance
3. Server commands

Free up disk space, kill runaway processes, automate log rotation, restart processes when they crash, and more with server commands. You can also pass the file name or other data as arguments to be used as input.

Workflow diagram to clean up disk space on your server instance
4. Manage your Windows services

Automatically trigger a service recovery when a Windows service stops or fails. You can stop, start, or reboot a service that has failed to respond, or shut down a service completely if you are preparingto back up your machine.

 Workflow diagram to stop a rogue service on your Windows machine
5. Automation for the Amazon Web Services platform

Identify underutilized EC2, and RDS instances, stop them to reduce costs, troubleshoot EC2 system impairment by automatically executing reboot action, invoke lambda function or publish a custom message to an SNS topic in response to alert events.

Workflow diagram to stop underutilized EC2 instances
6. Out-of-the box actions

Start and stop individual sites or application pools to fix a failed IIS site, prevent virtual resource oversubscription, reboot server instances and a lot more.

Workflow diagram to restart your Vitual Machine

Test, map, orchestrate and get notified


Test run an automation and track its progress in the Site24x7 console.

Parallel execution

Execute actions at the same time on multiple server instances.


Get notified via email about the success of an automation execution.

Get the power of an end-to-end monitoring and incident management solution

Infrastructure Monitoring Support
Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X servers
Amazon Web Services, Hyper-V & VMware
50 + open source application services
Windows Services and Linux Processes
AD, IIS, SQL, Exchange & Failover Cluster
1000+ network device types
SMS, email & voice Alerts
Integration with Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty and more.

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