Monitor your distributed DNS infrastructure with our DNS monitoring tool

DNS monitoring is critical in ensuring the uninterrupted availability and performance of your DNS servers. Site24x7's DNS server monitoring tool continuously checks the availability and response time and lets you stay ahead of potential domain resolution errors.

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DNS Monitoring

DNS Server Monitoring for your critical services.

Site24x7's DNS server monitor continuously checks the availability and response time of your Domain Name Server, analyse forward DNS look up times and troubleshoot domain name resolution in case of timeout. Some key metrics which help you to monitor the health of your DNS server are:

  • DNS Response time: Shows the response time of your DNS server and the average response time from each monitoring location.
  • DNS record type: Displays whether the lookup type is available or not.
  • DNS record name and DNS search value: Checks whether the resolved record name matches with the configured search value.
DNS Server Monitoring

Resolve your domain name from 130 global locations

Obtain response time of your distributed DNS servers from our 130 global monitoring locations. Troubleshoot domain name resolution and ensure minimum look up times for all your users regardless of their geographic.

DNS Monitoring Tool

Address DNS configuration errors

Identify and resolve possible causes for domain name server failures like, out of date DNS records, IP address restrictions and recursive server misconfigurations by resolving you domain name from our 130 global monitoring locations.

Free DNS Monitoring

Manage SLAs of DNS hosting providers

Integrate your DNS Server monitor with our comprehensive SLA report and ensure your hosting provider abides by his service quality level standards in terms of availability and response time by providing minimum latency to all your clients around the world.

What is DNS Monitoring

Comprehensive DNS server performance reports

Our exhaustive report section outlining performance, availability, heath trend, busy hours and response time elucidates and provides an in depth summary evaluation of your Domain name server. Our root cause analysis report gives you the ability to zero in on the exact cause for downtime. Keep track of errors and outage as it occurs.

Free DNS Monitoring Tool

Monitor DNS errors and stay on top of outages

Be proactive with your actions, identify potential DNS failure causes due to network issues, improper configuration, dynamic updates, inaccessibility to root servers, troubleshoot and resolve them before they affect your end users. Be immediately notified on downtime or unavailability via voice calls, SMS, IM, RSS feeds and push notifications (from our Android and iOS apps).

Monitor DNS

Overview of DNS monitoring

1. What is DNS monitoring?

DNS monitoring checks whether a hostname is resolved correctly and regularly tracks DNS records to ensure that communication between the browser and the website is secure. In case of a security breach, an unresponsive website, or failure to identify the resolved IP, the DNS monitoring tool will send an alert. With DNS server monitoring, you can keep a track of IP addresses, start of authority (SOA) records, mail exchange (MX), service record (SRV), and name server (NS) records.

DNS is a major target for hackers. Without monitoring support, common attacks like DNS poisoning or distributed denial of service (DDoS) can happen to you. This can lead to loss of customer trust, a tarnished brand reputation, and hours of downtime. With a DNS monitoring tool, you can check the localized or non-localized outages, identify manual errors or hacker attacks, and retain the credibility and security of your websites.

DNS monitoring tools regularly check the availability and security of DNS services to identify any unnecessary changes or malicious additions. This helps to fix issues before they affect your end users. Monitoring is done from multiple global locations to identify any issues in your distributed DNS servers. The DNS monitoring tool also helps to identify the issue, monitor the status, and more. Immediately after identifying any issue, the tool will send an alert.

DNS is a pivotal part of your infrastructure, so tracking it regularly is of utmost importance. Since tracking your DNS manually is not feasible, only a monitoring tool like Site24x7 can help you with constantly monitoring the domain name servers. Site24x7 also tracks critical DNS-related metrics like response time, record type, record name, and search value from 130 global monitoring locations. The Site24x7 DNS server monitor also provides comprehensive reports, evaluation summaries of domain name servers, and real-time alerts through preferred notification modes.

DNS monitoring tools provide several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced website performance: These tools help identify and resolve DNS-related issues that might hamper website performance.
  • Improved security: DNS monitoring tools efficiently detect and mitigate DNS-based attacks like DNS spoofing, DDoS attacks, and DNS cache poisoning.
  • Reduced downtime: Real-time alerts and notifications provided by DNS monitoring tools help promptly address DNS outages and failures.
  • Simplified troubleshooting: Insights into DNS resolution processes, encompassing query response times, authoritative server performance, and DNS record accuracy, are provided by DNS monitoring tools, thus facilitating streamlined troubleshooting efforts.
  • Efficient traffic management: DNS monitoring tools enable intelligent traffic management through DNS-based load balancing, geo-routing, and failover mechanisms, ensuring optimized traffic distribution.

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