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Sumo Logic is purely a log management product specialized in security information and event management (SIEM). Whereas, Site24x7 is an all-in-one monitoring solution that includes log management along with its website, server, application, network, and cloud monitoring capabilities. If you are looking for a SIEM solution, you can choose between Sumo Logic and ManageEngine Log360 Cloud.

However, if you are looking to complement your IT operations team with strong capabilities to troubleshoot quickly using log files, then Site24x7 can serve your needs perfectly. You can store your log files and look through logs from multiple servers in a convenient manner. It's easy to use and cost-effective.

Why Choose Site24x7?

  • Start small and scale up as your business grows

    The minimum log upload limit starts at 500 MB, allowing you to buy and use only what you need. You can easily scale to your needs by purchasing multiple add-on units in batches of up to 1 TB.

  • 24/5 support irrespective of packs

    You don't have to be an enterprise customer to receive phone and chat support.

  • More than just log management

    Site24x7 provides monitoring support for all your websites, servers, networks, application performance, virtualization platforms, cloud, and containers. This way, you get everything you need under one roof with one price tag.

Site24x7 vs. Sumo Logic

Services Offered Site24x7 Sumo Logic
Log Management
Query-based Searching
Saved Searches
Pre-defined Dashboards
Longer Retention
Archive Logs to S3
Cluster Messages based on Pattern Similarity
Using Log Template

Using Log Reduce
Link between Log Types
Using Related Log Templates
Regex-based Search
Default Log Discovery
AWS Logs
Azure Logs
GCP Logs
Remote File Monitoring
Live Tail
Custom Log Collection
Search and Visualizations
Multi-cloud Monitoring
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring
Azure Monitoring
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Monitoring
Other Monitoring Features
Website Performance Monitoring
Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
Real User Monitoring
Server Monitoring
For Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and FreeBSD Servers
Kubernetes Monitoring
VMware Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring
For Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails and PHP Applications
Platform Features
Support for Monitor Grouping and Management
Free Tools
Status Pages to show Service Status to Customers
Maintenance Period
Resource Organization using Tags
Setting Monitor Dependencies
Threshold-based Alerting
Configuration Rules for Automatic Association of Properties
Email Reports
Out-of-the-box Reports
Log Reports
SLA Management and Reporting
IT Automation
Multi-user Login
Predictive analytics and outlier detection
Voice Call, SMS, E-mail, and Mobile App
Only Email alert available
Alarm Management
Integration with PagerDuty/Zapier
Third Party Integrations
ConnectWise Manage
Microsoft Teams
Amazon EventBridge
ManageEngine AlarmsOne
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
Zoho Analytics
Secure Login Features
SSO Capability
Biometrics Authentication
Two-factor Authentication
Okta login support
Active Directory integration
Ability to restrict IP addresses
Password Policy
AI-powered Monitoring
Anomaly Detection
Support Options
Only from Enterprise packs
Only from Enterprise packs
Knowledge Base
Video Tutorials
Starts from $9/month along with a host of other monitoring capabilities $305/month
Minimum Log Upload 500 MB 3 GB
Additional Logs 10GB for $10/month. 100 GB and 1 TB add-ons are also available No distinct add-ons
Pay as you grow
Free Trial
30 days

30 days
No credit card required
Price (For users migrating from Sumo Logic) Use Site24x7 for free till your Sumo Logic subscription expires
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