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Centralized log management with unified observability

Troubleshoot, optimize performance, and make informed decisions with our enterprise-ready and scalable log management system. Analyze log data by correlating relevant logs with metrics on a unified, cloud-based platform.

Faster troubleshooting and analysis with modern log management

  • Filter, search, and analyze incoming log data with our simple, intuitive query language search option.
  • Troubleshoot faster than ever with interactive graphs on out-of-the-box dashboards, reducing your mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Analyze log patterns and group messages with a similar structure to understand each's distribution of values.
Monitor logs from a centralized log management dashboard

Comprehensive log collection from all sources, cloud to on-premises

Providing support for over 100 applications, systems, and cloud logs, our platform automatically discovers the logs from your infrastructure and logging frameworks, such as Log4j, log4net, and NLog. It also simplifies the collection process through log collectors such as Logstash and Fluentd. Additionally, you can define and save your log patterns in the required formats using custom integrations.

Ingest logs from any data source

Multi-cloud support: Manage logs from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

  • Manage CloudTrail, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Elastic Load Balancing, and other AWS logs with a simple configuration.
  • Collect and analyze logs from Azure App Service, Active Directory, and more for full-fledged cloud log monitoring.
  • Forward logs from Google Cloud Platform for better visibility and troubleshooting of your infrastructure.

The benefits of log management

  • Obtain centralized analysis for logs from different sources and index log data for fast, distributed searching.
  • Monitor log errors and manage log data to receive instant notifications.
  • Drill down to identify the cause and automate troubleshooting and alerting.
  • Collect logs in any format and transform them into a structured format.
  • Enrich the log data with derived fields for better analysis.
  • Ensure scalability to manage growing log volumes.
  • Search billions of your log lines in one go.
  • Define an upload limit to control the size of log files ingested by the platform.
  • Allows logs to be re-indexed during auditing processes, as we offer archive storage for any desired duration.

Gain actionable insights from the log data

Improve your application and infrastructure performance with our single-console log monitoring tool and gain real-time insights into your log data.

Log discovery

Automatically discover logs from your infrastructure.


Correlate all your log metrics on a customizable dashboard.

Search and filter options

Analyze log data with flexible searching and filtering options.


Stay informed with notifications on critical log events and anomalies.

Third-party Integrations

Connect with external ITSM tools for unified alerts.

IT Automation

Automate actions to automatically resolve problems without manual intervention.


Generate custom reports for valuable log insights and trends.


Extract and export log data for further analysis.

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